"In a battle at least you can run away, hide or duck down to evade flying bullets,
but when drought and famine invades there is nowhere to hide or run away."
Aba Kidane, London

Reports that Eritrea is facing the prospect of a severe famine are making headlines in the world's media. The government of the state of Eritrea and aid organizations has been sounding the alarm for months now that two thirds of the country's population will go hungry unless the international community launches a major relief effort. People and nations face natural tragedies worldwide every now and then. A natural tragedy can devastate a nation or part of a nation severely. Depending on the magnitude of the damage, it can cripple the nation and its population for generations to come.

At times the recovery period might be worth than the damage. Some countries may never recover from the devastation incurred from such tragedy. It was just less than two years ago, the part of our country that is engulfed by this menacing drought now was filled with healthy fields. But in the last several months, villagers have planted again and again, praying for rain. Instead, they have used up every bit of their meager savings, and many now have nothing. They don't have anywhere to run or hide from this looming danger. They are all engulfed in it. The heartrending part of this is that they all happen to be our mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. They are OUR people. Yes, we are witnessing several concerned Eritreans world wide making the best of their efforts to help our people. The GoE is also doing all it can to buy food for our people in the ravenous regions. So far beside all the efforts the GoE is doing, it managed to divert 300,000,000 NKF to buy about 80,000 metric tones of food. As the ominous and portentous drought is progressing very swift, and as the international aid is dawdling or scant I urge the GoE to do more in the coming months or exorbitant human catastrophe will follow. Most of the political entities are vowed to challenge the drought and help our people. We know time is a factor and time is running out for most of the wretched people in Eritrea. I urge every political entity to do fund raising events of their own to help and show our people that you really care. This is your chance to show and prove our people on how they perceive your overall moral and political conscientiousness. Ditto, most individuals in the Diaspora are promised to pledge aid to our people, but again time is running out for those unfortunate ones. It's very distressing that several Eritreans are watching the news go by, and yet when there is a meeting in their neighbourhood to raise funds, they are not even partaking in the events.

This is a moral issue. We should not make everything a political issue. Or even better, I urge everyone to help their own families, because the haves won't abandon or abscond the have not.

I was appalled to hear that Professor Embaye Ferrow and et al, condemning the Eritrean Civic Societies in Sweden for encouraging everyone to at least abet their families. Let's be realistic for once. If we aid our families, the money goes to Eritrea. If we aid our people the money also goes to Eritrea. Our families are not going to eat money; they apparently have to go to the market to buy edibles. In this way Eritrea would have an adequate amount of currency to purchase food for the needy. If we really care about the well being of our people, they are at their worst times. For the love of our country Eritrea and the dignity of our heroic people who are silently dying, I again appeal to every Eritrean in the world to respond to this fundamental responsibility and morality. A plea for national salvation is a motherland's call for its citizens to join together in time like this. We have a moral responsibility to join hands together and help fight this drought. This is not only the responsibility of the government. This is OUR responsibility. I would like to extend my gratitude to the GoE and to the entire Eritreans world wide that are doing everything to tackle this danger. I would also like to thank Eritreans in London for the successful fund raising meeting they had recently. My gratitude also goes to Eritreans in Canada who are becoming a prime paradigm to all of us on how to contact government officials in the country we are residing for a better and bigger aid to our people. Again, action speaks more than words and let us do the right thing. Politics is not food for the famished, politics is not water for the dehydrated and it was never a medicine for the sick. Political gibberish in time of disaster and desperation should be condemned and damned.

Any political entity that exploits this dearth to promote its political ambition is ONLY calling its own kismet.

Please let us put our people first and we all will be successful with our political views, but only after doing the right thing.........

Thank you, Gual Haleka

Birikiti (Gual Haleka),contributed and has sole responsibility for the content on this page.
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